Hi everyone, my name is Naomi and I will be the writer of this blog. I plan on using this blog to help the good people of America find good business’ to use in all different aspects. I have recently had a few instances where I felt taken advantage of and now I will be posting my expierences in this blog. But first, a little bit about myself.

I was born in Pensacola Florida back in 1991. Here I was raised till about the age of 15 where we then moved to Houston Texas. This was a drastic change in life and it came as a life lesson of not every place is the same. But that is ok. I learned to adapt and overcome and met some really nice people in the great state of Texas….. but it just was not what I considered home. So once I turned 18 I moved back to the Florida panhandle where I reside today.

My hobbies include; wood working, hunting, fishing, and just about any thing to do with the great outdoors! I hope this blog will help when making some decisions about ways to tell a good company and a bad company! Please leave a comment with how you feel or if you know a good company in the same industry as being discussed!