Tired of spending time at home, we decided to go on a fishing trip. Though there are many fishing charters available, we decided to choose pensacola fishing charters since they are affordable and highly rated. We can fish for a wide variety of fish in the Pensacola bay, Big Lagoon and Gulf of Mexico. All the charters are open now with no additional restrictions. The boats are regularly cleaned and sanitized for safety. Since we did not have much experience in Fishing, we decided to opt for a smaller charter with a six pack boat, so that we got more personalized assistance. There are other charters available for larger groups, experienced anglers.

We hired the boat on phone for a period of four hours. After we arrived at the Strickly Fishing Chartershttps://www.stricklyfishingcharters.com/ docks at the agreed time, the captain and crew of the charter boat met us. Before boarding the boat, he gave us instructions on the safety gear like which was installed and some information about the trip, the route which the boat would take. He asked us if we had any prior experience in fishing and faced any health problems, like falling sea sick. He also asked us if we wanted to catch any particular type of fish so that he could finalize the route accordingly using his knowledge of the fish population in the area.

The boat was well designed and comfortable. After we boarded the boat, we were provided fishing rods for catching the fish. We were also provided instructions on how to use the fishing rods, and tips which would increases our chances of catching fish. Initially we only caught some small fish, later the captain changed the route of the boat and we were more lucky as we moved away from the shore. Members of our group caught different types of fish like red snapper, amber-jack, vermilion snapper, trigger fish, tuna, grouper, scamp, blue marlin.

After all our group members had caught enough fish, the captain told us that there was still some time available, since we had hired the boat for four hours. He said that he could take us for a tour of the Pensacola bay area at no additional cost. The boat then went on a tour of the entire area, and the staff told us the popular landmarks, places in the area, their history and why they remain popular. After the hire period was over, we were taken back to the docks. The captain and crew arranged to clean the fish we had caught, so that we could get it cooked in the restaurants nearby.

The cost of the charter was very reasonable considering the duration and services offered. We had to pay a deposit after booking based on the size of the boat, and also had to pay the remaining amount after the trip was completed. The boats were well maintained and clean and fast. Chairs are provided for group members who were feeling tired standing for a long period of time. The captain and crew of the boat were very friendly and helpful, they patiently answered all our queries regarding using the fishing rods, and the best techniques for catching fish.